Hrudayaram Trauma Care

Hrudayahastham Trauma Care is grateful to the Almighty for the opportunity to be relied upon by people whenever and wherever there are accidental deaths, shocking illnesses, serious disputes, natural calamities, and other crisis-related traumas. Whenever there is an emergency, a minimum of 30 counsellors will be ready to move to the field with their action plan and perform their duties as volunteers. Hrudayahastham comprises a team of counsellors, psychotherapists, and students from Hrudayaram Community College.

Hrudayaram has been actively involved in numerous disaster zones across Kannur district and other regions in Kerala. Their interventions have been instrumental in providing mental health support during critical incidents, including a vehicle accident in Perumannu at Irikkur, Bus Accident at Kandankali Payyannur, Mass suicide at Chepparambu, the Chala Highway gas tanker lorry overturning, the Okhi disaster in Punthura, and flood-related mental health care in Alappuzha, Kunnukara Grama Panchayat in Ernakulam, Meppadi & Puthumala Grama Panchayat in Wayanad, and online counseling during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In each crisis situation, the Hrudayaram has demonstrated selfless dedication, offering invaluable services and rescuing many individuals from the clutches of post-traumatic stress. The involvement of alumni, known as HEART, showcases the collaborative efforts of professionals who completed their counseling studies at Hrudayaram under Kannur University. Alongside the Sisters of Hrudayaram, these alumni have provided reflective assistance without expecting any rewards, serving for months on end.


This is commendable on the great efforts that Hrudayaram Community College of counselling Psychology, Kannur exerted with imitable professionalism, dedication and untiring enthusiasm in counselling and Psychotherapy to heal the trauma of the affected by Ockhi cyclone hit Zone at Punthoora in Thiruvananthapuram under the leadership of Sr. Dr. TreesaPalackal ,The Director of Hrudayaram and 13 sisters of Sacred Heart Congregation with PGCP students ,who studied in Community college. Hrudayaram team allayed agony and the pangs of Separation during the camp held from the 7 to 13 of January 2018 by two batches. At first 5 Sisters visited Poonthura first week of January, then they understood the gruesome scene of the cyclone hit zone, especially the abnormal pathology of emotional disorders, Mind numbing rate of the death, even Govt. agencies were struggling to mollify an angry crowd. The Director of the institute Sr. Dr.Treesa Palackal and 13 Sisters with Poonthura Parish brilliantly planned for fast action.

A Team of counsellor's voluntary service was provided there within a week the affected of trauma Zone, felt a look of verdancy was palpable in the work of Hrudayaram. The scene of Boat capsized and their breathless action was stung in the mind of the rescued person. They were afraid of taking the job again. Agony of grueling trek through the sea was shocked in their mind to continue the Job. Rescued person were punctuating the montage of events, beloved one's death made them in suicidal gloom and psychosis .Through Counselling and Psychotherapy the affected minds were relieved from pain and grief .The team members were ready to cope with life’s inconvenience. Day long precision that does not smudge or fade made Hrudayaram's effort a blissful ending. Without buying any money, fund or any privileges, Hrudayaram rendered its duty through voluntary Service to the society.


As per the request from Honorable Health Minister Mrs. Shylaja teacher, Hrudayaram Community College of Counseling in collaboration with National Health Mission Kannur rendered free two phased counseling services named “HrudayaHastam” to the flood affected people in the districts of Ernakulam and Alappuzha in the month of September 2018.

In the first phase, 20 members team went to Alappuzha under the leadership of Dr. Sr. TreesaPalackal S H and another 20 member team went to Ernakulam under the leadership of Sr. Jancy Paul S H. we could help around 300 families in each district. We spend five days there and visited families and helped them to recover from flood affected traumas though counseling and psychotherapy.

In the second phase, 40 members team again went to Kunnukara Panchayathu, Ernakulam asper the request from the Panchayath authorities. During this time, initially couseling and psychotherapy were given to authorities of Panchayathu. Then we extended services to the 15 wards of the same panchayathu. We visited around 1000 houses and helped them to recover from flood affected traumas though counseling and psychotherapy.

In addition to the house visiting, we conducted classes and group counseling to the students in schools. Classes were organized for teachers, parents and students. Play therapy, music therapy etc were used for students in order to heal them. The most beautiful blessing from the God was that the Panchayath was declared as the “PRALAYANANTHARA MANASIKAKHATHA MUKTHA PANCHAYATHU”.


In the month of January 2018, students from Kandankali School went for a picnic and bus got accident. Many were injured in the accident and students became panic at the accident. After the accident students were reluctant to come to school. So we the Hrudayaram team went to the school and helped the teachers and students thorough counseling and psychotherapy.