Hrudayaram Enclave of Alumni & Resource Team (HEART)

HEART is a collective of Hrudayaram alumni, a source of pride for the institution as it witnesses the success of its former students. This association upholds the college motto - “"May happiness embrace the entire world.". We take immense pride in the achievements of our alumni and are eager to learn about their endeavors in the world. We value the accomplishments of our former students.

The alumni network serves as a special platform for sharing career experiences and fostering professional connections. Hrudayaram aims to garner alumni support to cultivate and maintain strong bonds among alumni. The alumni association plays a pivotal role in projecting and advancing the mission of Hrudayaram."HEART serves as a substitute for Hrudayaram, providing support to the needy in emergency situations. 2nd Saturday of October is observed as Hrudayaram day.