RRT ( Rapid Response Team)

The Rapid Response Team is an active group of mental health professionals who are ready to do duties with tremendous potentiality at any time in disaster areas in Kerala.

The Rapid Response Team, powerful wing of Hrudayahastham Trauma Care plays a crucial role in safeguarding and restoring the mental well-being of individuals affected by disasters in Kerala.

In the wake of traumatic events and tragedies such as vehicle accidents, earthquakes, landslides, floods, suicides, and murders, the human mind often experiences intense strain and turmoil. Post-traumatic stress sets in, manifesting as sleep disturbances, hindered daily activities, heightened anxiety, feelings of helplessness, pessimism, hopelessness, uncontrollable anger, profound sadness, emotional outbursts, and even suicidal attempts.

In 2023, a selected group of expert counselors from Hrudayaram Alumni was formally established as the Rapid Response Team. The team was inaugurated and its logo released by Mrs. K.K. Shailaja teacher, the former Minister of Health of Kerala. The inauguration ceremony served as a tribute to the commendable service rendered by the Hrudayaram team during Shailaja Teacher's tenure as the Minister of Health.

The Rapid Response Team stands as an active, highly capable group of mental health professionals, poised to deploy their expertise at any time in disaster areas across Kerala. Their commitment to addressing mental health challenges in the aftermath of crises is a testament to their dedication and the crucial role they play in the well-being of the community.