Science and Technology progress at such a rapid pace, the ultimate users of it, the public at large, do not even know the implications and complications involved in it. This results in an unhealthy and undisciplined use of technology. The print and electronic media, instead of the right path, often seem to misguide people and aggravate their problems. Moreover, the lack of faith and stability of spiritual life they lead to wrong path. It affects the family and individuals negatively, misguide the teenagers, mentally keeping them away from higher thinking and discipline. They really need systematic and scientific spiritual and psychological counseling and awareness programes.

Consequently, the families in general and the teenagers in particular are facing acute personality problems in this fast developing nation information technology culture in India today. Sensing such situation, the crooked eyes of the market and the media make the teenagers the victims of the internet addiction, drug addiction, pornography, aggression etc. So, in the year of 2000, the Sacred Heart Congregation in Kerala started a counseling center named HRUDAYARAM in Kannur.