Meaning of “HRUDAYARAM”

The term “Hrudayaram” consists of two words ‘Hrudaya’ and ‘Aram’. Hrudaya means Heart and Aram means Peace or Tranquility. Hrudayaram is really a place where one can experience mental peace, happiness and pleasure.

Hrudayaram is a Registered Charitable society, under the auspicious of Sacred Heart Sisters of Kerala. Hrudayaram has been providing scientific counseling and psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families for the last 18 years. The center is rendering services to the society and needy regardless of castes creed, religion, politics etc since July 4th 2000.

One decade of service presented to the society through counseling and psycho therapeutic services to the people in need. The goal of the organization is to engage in all such acts or services which shall be conducive to the social, economical, cultural, psychological, moral, or physical welfare of the people. It has contributed its might in improving various aspects of less privileged group of our society. Hrudayaram has been accepted and appreciated by public for its yeomen service and has won awards.